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Product description


2PCS 2.80/2.50-4" Inner Tubes with TR87 Bent Valve Stem
LotFancy inner tube is made of isobutylene isoprene rubber, better than natural rubber in air tightness, elastic damping and aging resistance.
2.80/2.50-4" inner tube can also work with 3.00-4 tire, which means it fits for Razor Scooter E300, Pocket Rocket (Front/Rear), Chopper (Rear).
It can be used on many hand trucks, dollies, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, and scooters.
Please check the sidewall of your tire, if it says "2.50-4", "2.80/2.50-4", or "2.80-4" then this tube will likely work.

Compatible models for Reference:
Bruno SuperCub 34
Bruno Thunder 37
Bruno Typhoon C3
Drive Medical ZooMe 3
Heartway Sahara FRK (HP7FRK)
Heartway Sahara K (HP7K)
Heartway Sahara KX (HP7KX)
Jazzy 1143
Jazzy 1170 XL
Jazzy 1170 XL Plus
Jazzy 1420
Merits Atlantis (P710/P7101/P7102)
Merits Atlantis 2 (P720/P7201/P7202)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Bariatric (P183)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Bariatric (P184)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Heavy Duty (P181)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Heavy Duty (P182/MP-1 U)
PaceSaver Passport Series
Pride Dynamo (SC180)
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Pride Rally (SC150/SC151/SC155)
Pride Rally Shopper (SC151SHP)
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Pride Sundancer (SC2000/SC202)
Pride Sundancer with Power Seat (SC2000PS)
Quickie P-222 SE
Shoprider Streamer (888WS) Shoprider Sunrunner 3 (888B-3) Shoprider Sunrunner 3 Deluxe (888-3L)
Tuffcare Challenger Escort 3200
X-Treme X-50-300 X-Treme X-50-500

Common causes of tire and tube failures:
A single puncture or small hole is commonly from a thorn, wire, or small nail. These may be repairable. Check tire as well for thorn, etc. and remove it.
Double slits are commonly the result of a rim pinch. The tube was pinched between the rim and an object in road/

NAVARME 2x 2.50-4 2.80-4 2.50x4 2.80x4 3.00-4 3.00x4 Scooter 4"

  Updated: 20:09 EST

The 40-year-old mother-of-two appeared on her close friend Ellen DeGeneres' talk show today, when she took part in a prank that saw her approaching street vendors in the lot where the series is filmed. During her exchanges with the vendors, Meghan could only say and do whatever Ellen, 63, told her to through an ear piece in what appears to be the Duchess' attempt to distance herself from the royals' reserved image. Ellen made the Duchess hold a crystal to her head and groan, nibble cookies and chips like a 'chipmunk', put on cat ears and sing a song about kittens, and refer to herself as 'mommy' while sampling the vendors' wares. The prank is one that Ellen has played with several of her past celebrity guests, including Emma Watson, Adele, Kris Jenner, and Meghan's friend Melissa McCarthy. Meghan also used the interview for political lobbying, renewing her calls for mandatory paid leave for parents in the US, saying she ' will do everything I can to make sure that we can implement that for people'. Her statements came shortly after it was reported that several senators had voiced 'fury at Kristen Gillibrand for giving Meghan their private cellphone numbers so she could lobby them' on the issue.

Kamala Harris's communications director Ashley Etienne is leaving the vice president's office after reports staff are in-fighting and her boss is being sidelined. Etienne, a former staffer to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, joined Harris' team shortly after the election. At the time she said she would stay only a year, Vanity Fair reported. The Biden administration will hit its one-year mark in January. As communications director, Etienne would have been in charge of Harris' press and PR image. Harris has taken a beating in recent weeks with a series of unflattering stories about her role as vice president, in-fighting among her staff, and complaints from her allies the Biden administration is not properly utilizing her.

The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the 13 US service members killed in Kabul.

'Congressman Paul Gosar has been a loyal supporter of our America First agenda, and even more importantly, the USA,' Trump said in a Thursday statement.

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EXC: Kim and Pete hold hands confirming romance
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In his work on Schoolhouse Rock! for ABC, I'm Just a Bill debuted in the program's third season, which described the country's legislative process.

Dr Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that the U.S. is seeing an 'uptick' in COVID-19 hospitalizations among fully vaccinated people who have not had a booster compared to those who have had one.

Residents living on Australia's east coast will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the longest partial lunar eclipse in 600 years on Friday night.

Chesa Boudin finally charged a shoplifter after she stole $40,000 in merchandise from the same Target in 120 incidents over a one-year period.

Jen Psaki snaps at reporter asking why Biden isn't holding a press conference after 'three amigos summit' and says you 'don't need an embroidered chair' to ask questions

White House press secretary Jen Psaki snapped at a reporter at Thursday's briefing after being asked if the press should expect a press conference following President Joe Biden's 'three amigos' summit. 'You can ask questions in any format, right? I don't think you need a formal embroidered chair for it,' Psaki told CBS News Radio correspondent Steven Portnoy, who serves as the president of the White House Correspodents' Association, the group that pushes for White House access for journalists.

Kamala Harris hit back at claims she is being misused as vice president, saying she doesn't feel like she's being under utilized by President Joe Biden and his team.

A CDC report finds that unvaccinated people suffer a much higher risk of contracting COVID-19 than their vaccinated peers, and once infected are more likely to have a severe case of the virus.

Kamala Harris blamed the Trump administration for the 'broken' immigration system that saw a record 128 percent rise in migrant crossings in October compared to the same time last year.

'There's times you need to stand up and make your voices heard,' DeSantis said when signing the bill in Brandon - a troll of the chant 'Let's go Brandon,' which is synonymous with 'F**k Joe Biden'.

Reports about dysfunction in Vice President Kamala Harris's office were met with woke misdirection, writes Batya Ungar-Sargon, author of 'Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy.' Meanwhile, in response to a question about the economy, Psaki accused Republicans of 'rooting for inflation' while insisting that no economists were predicting a rise in inflation. It's just more of the same: Gaslight Americans about the impact of the economy on their pocketbooks while doubling down on what a new college-educated suburban base-which isn't really feeling inflation at all-is looking for: an obsession with race and identity through a woke lens.

Lyoh Freeze Dried Celery, 0.23 Ounce

Robert Vicosa (top right), had taken his young daughters Aminah and Giana (bottom left) from their Windsor, Pennsylvania home on Sunday. He was accompanied by Sgt. Tina Bynum (bottom right) of the Baltimore County Police Department. All four were found dead in Vicosa's crashed vehicle on Thursday after triggering a five-day manhunt.

Elementary school teacher posted IG video saying conservative students could 'go jump off a bridge' after one waved a f*** Joe Biden flag 

Kristin Usilton (left), 38, an elementary school teacher in California, is being heavily criticized after posting a video on social media telling students who are part of a conservative club at Paso Robles High School (right) to 'go jump off a bridge.' Usilton followed those comments by posting a video showing conservative club members at the high school waving a 'F*** Biden flag' at an event on November 10 to honor Veterans Day.

A Manhattan judge on Thursday dismissed the convictions of Muhammad Aziz, 83, and the late Khalil Islam, after new evidence showed that the men were not involved in Malcolm X's killing.

'I love 14-year-olds as you know': Women claim father of Disney star Peyton Clark and influencer Acacia Kersey pressurized them when they were underage into letting him take nude shots which he sold for $2.58 on Instagram

The father of Disney star Peyton Clark and influencer Acacia Kersey has been accused of pressuring teen girls as young as 14 into taking nude photos, then selling the shots without their permission on suggestive Instagram accounts. Rich Clark, a 52-year-old photographer who runs a children's modeling business, allegedly 'manipulated' a number of his underage clients, some of the former clients alleged on social media. One of the first to go public with her accusations was Brittni Kristine, who is now 26 but dated Clark's son Payton when she was a teenager in 2013.

Elijah McClain's mom, Sheneen, has settled her federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Aurora for $15 million over the death of her son in back in August 2019 after he died following a wrongful arrest.

Carli Bellmer, from Boston, shared a TikTok video of herself sobbing after she realized her mistake. She was holding an AirPod and an ibuprofen in the same hand and swallowed one.

Accused Travis McMichael returned to the witness stand Thursday, insisting that he thought black jogger Ahmaud Arbery was a burglar and forced him to make a split-second 'life-or-death' decision.

A man who on Wednesday turned up outside the Kenosha courthouse where the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial are deliberating, calling himself 'Maserati Mike', is a disgraced former policeman from Ferguson, Missouri. Ferguson's police chief confirmed that 'Mike' was in fact Jesse Kline, who was fired in 2018 when he was arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend. Charges were dropped in January 2020 when the ex and a man she was with decided against testifying. Kline was outside the courthouse again on Thursday, yelling that BLM was a 'terrorist organization'.

A new caravan of nearly 2,000 migrants from Haiti, Central America and Venezuela set out by foot from the southern Mexico city of Tapachula on Thursday.

The Royal Air Force F-35B Lightning II, one of 24 such aircraft that America has delivered to the UK, crashed in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday after the pilot safely ejected.

A California mother (right) is reporting that two of her children fell ill after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine dose that was too big for their age. Her children, aged eight and 11, received the doses at Sutter Health (left) in Antioch, California. Children of their age are supposed to receive ten microgram doses. The clinic mistakenly gave them, and 12 other children, doses that were twice that size.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, chair of the House panel probing the Trump administration's pandemic response, on Thursday issued a subpoena for documents and a deposition from Peter Navarro.

Police have interviewed two men who were the last to see a Los Angeles model alive before her body was dumped at a hospital on Saturday - but her husband claims their alleged alibi doesn't add up. Christy Giles, 24, and her friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, 26, went to the West Hollywood home of three strangers after meeting them at a warehouse party in East LA late last Friday night. The women, their bodies cold, were dumped at two separate hospitals by men in balaclavas driving a car with no plates on Saturday evening. Hilda, a Mexican designer, was revived but is likely brain dead. In an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, Giles's husband Jan Cilliers, 41, revealed that detectives told him they had interviewed two of the three men with whom Christy spent her final hours. The men, who rent an apartment (top right) near Beverly Hills which Christy's phone recorded as her last live location, allegedly admitted to cops that they took the girls home from the warehouse party, claimed the women took drugs and overdosed, and that they immediately took them to the ER.

'Squad' member Rep. Rashida Tlaib didn't score a seat on Air Force One for Joe Biden's trip to Michigan Wednesday after she voted against his $1.2 trillion infrastructure package.

Photographs of two armed men wanted in the fatal drive-by shooting of Memphis rapper Young Dolph have surfaced on social media, with one pointing a submachine gun and the other a pistol.

In a troubling sign for Democrats, President Joe Biden's approval rating dropped to 36 per cent in a new poll out Thursday and most voters said they want to see Republicans take control of Congress.

Kayla Mailer, 32, from Portland, Oregon, went to see her doctor when the 'super-cute' freckle on her cheek started changing color and shape. She was devastated to learn it was cancer.

Meghan Markle has revealed a new image of her and husband Prince Harry's two-year-old son Archie. In the image, the little boy is seen feeding chickens in the garden of his parents' $14million home in Montecito, California, whilst wearing jeans, a grey t-shirt and yellow Peppa Pig Hunter wellies. The photo, which does not show Archie's face, was shown to viewers during Meghan's wide-ranging interview with US tv host Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday. It is the first time Archie has been seen since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a photo for his second birthday in May. That image also shielded Archie's face from view, as did one which was released to mark International Women's Day in March. In the wide-ranging interview with DeGeneres, Meghan opened up about her domestic life with Harry, Archie and five-month-old daughter Lilibet, whilst also renewing her calls for paid family leave in America.

The 40-year-old Duchess of Sussex shared several childhood photos during an interview on the Ellen Show on Thursday, while opening up about a past hairdo. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shared a page from a self-illustrated book that Meghan had written in elementary school - which had a self portrait in it. Ellen, 63, pointed out Meghan's curly hairstyle in the drawing, with the Duchess explained was 'what she looked like when she was ten or 11'. She went on to reveal that she had been 'obsessed' with actress Andie (top inset) in the 1994 British romantic comedy and tried to copy her 'perfect curly' hairstyle. 'Everyone forgot to tell me that, "You have ethnic hair, you're not going to look like Andie MacDowell,"' she joked, revealing comparisons to cartoon Krusty (bottom inset). Meghan also used the interview for political lobbying, renewing her calls for mandatory paid leave for parents in the US. The sit-down marks the second major interview that Meghan had done since stepping down from royal duties and comes seven months after her Oprah chat.

Stunned victims and onlookers broke down in tears, with some even vomiting, when a 20-year-old New York State man, Christopher Belter, (pictured at right and in inset) who pleaded guilty to raping four teenage girls in his parents' home, was sentenced to just eight years probation by an elderly judge set to retire next month, for his heinous crimes. 'If Chris Belter was not a white defendant from a rich and influential family, it is my belief… he would surely have been sentenced to prison,' prosecuting attorney Steven Cohen (pictured at left) said of the decision.

NEW Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have confirmed their relationship. In a bold public display of affection, Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, were seen holding hands while celebrating his birthday in Palm Springs, California, in exclusive images obtained by DailyMail.com.  Neither Kim nor Pete could hide their grinning smiles as they took a stroll near her momager Kris Jenner's mansion, where they have been staying together, leaving little doubt that their relationship is more than a passing fling. It is the first romantic partner for the SKIMS mogul since she filed for divorce from estranged husband Kanye West in February this year (who has since legally changed his name to Ye.) Pete has previously been romantically involved with a slew of famous including Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor, Kate Beckinsale, and his former fiancé Ariana Grande.

The Chinese military is now at or near the capability to invade Taiwan, according to a congressional report. 'The PLA [People's Liberation Army] has already achieved the capabilities needed to conduct an air and naval blockade, cyberattacks, and missile strikes against Taiwan,' according to a report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a congressionally-appointed agency designated to provide national security and economic advice to Congress and the president. 'PLA leaders now likely assess they have, or will soon have, the initial capability needed to conduct a high-risk invasion of Taiwan if ordered to do so by CCP leaders. They will continue enhancing this capability in the coming years.'

What had caused the 'satellite break-up' and debris cloud? A widely condemned decision by Russia to launch a missile and destroy a defunct Soviet satellite, Kosmos-1408, that was orbiting. For defence analysts, this week's move showed Russia's determination to flex its muscles and open a new front in space. Although the West's military forces have for years had the upper hand in space, that reassuring superiority is over. Defending satellites and knocking out the enemy's will become crucial. It is even claimed that the next war, perhaps between China and the U.S., could be decided in the first few minutes depending on which side can disable its enemy's communication and navigation tools such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) - all of it reliant on satellites.

Fired Mandalorian star Gina Carano will star in upcoming film My Son Hunter as a 'comedic' and truth-telling Secret Service agent Carano, 39, has been working 'under wraps' on the film in Serbia for several weeks, but DailyMail.com can now exclusively reveal her role in the biopic. 'She is a world-weary secret service agent present at most of the Biden family's dodgy dealings,' one of the filmmakers, Phelim McAleer, described of Carano's role. 'She provides a voice of truth and Sardonic comedy over the absurd dealings of the Biden family and various Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs.'

Jurors ended a third day of deliberation in the Kyle Rittenhouse double murder case Thursday. Judge Bruce Schroeder sent the seven women and five men home, repeating his mantra that they should not discuss the case with anyone. Protestors both supporting him and calling for him to be found guilty have gathered daily on the courthouse steps. Sheriff David Beth gave out cookies on the courthouse steps on Thursday to try to calm simmering tensions. A sheriff's department spokesman said it was a 'goodwill gesture that seemed to work' among the crowds. Rittenhouse, who was 17, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and other counts for killing two men and injuring a third.

'His friends are hiding him': Abused girlfriend of on-the-run former Jets running back Zac Stacy asks public to help find him as she reveals her injuries after he threw her around apartment in jealous rage

Home surveillance footage shows Zac Stacy, 30, attacking the mother of his child in front of their five-month-old son on Saturday at her Florida home. The victim has now filed for a restraining order against Stacy, a former fifth round pick who played in eight games for the Jets in 2015. She can be heard begging for Stacy to stop in the disturbing video. The incident began when the former football player visited his son at his ex's house at around 2pm on Saturday. But once there, he flew into a jealous rage and attacked his ex, punching her multiple times in the head before dragging her from the couch and throwing her into the TV, which then fell on her.

A 30-year-old Asian man was attacked in New York City on October 23 after five individuals attacked him in Midtown South. Police are now looking for three suspects.

Grandmother and teen who spend every Thanksgiving together after her accidental text invite open up about how their unlikely friendship has changed their lives

Wanda Dench, 64, from Mesa, Arizona, accidentally sent a text message to Jamal Hinton inviting him to her Thanksgiving dinner in 2016. Hinton, who was 17 at the time, ended up going to Dench's celebration, and he has continued to do so every year since. The unlikely pals reflected on their first meeting and how it has changed their lives during their appearance on the Today show Thursday. Dench, who isn't a fan of Thanksgiving, admitted that she had actually wanted to cancel their holiday dinner that year, but the universe had other plans. Meanwhile, Hinton, now 22, recalled his surprise when she said he could join her family's celebration, saying he thought to himself, 'Hey, why not?' He noted that their 'story has been amazing from the start to the finish.' The interview comes less than a week after Hinton confirmed on Twitter that their annual Thanksgiving dinner was still on, writing: 'We are all set for year 6!' Last year, Dench and Hinton shared an early Thanksgiving meal at her home, where they paid tribute to her late spouse Lonnie, who had died from COVID-19.

The New York Times tweeted recipe for 'Two-Ingredient Mashed Potatoes.' They included an illustration that shows it uses four ingredients: potatoes, sour cream, salt, and pepper.

Ashleigh said she was in 'complete shock' when Quentin popped the question in front of the star-studded crowd, and couldn't believe Adele, 33, was just metres away when it happened

X-DREE 2pcs 68mmx28mmx32mm Faucet Zinc Alloy Chrome Plated Singl

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (pictured together inset and far right, and Kate left), both 39, put on a stylish display as they arrived at the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Thursday evening. Thrifty Kate cut a chic figure in a glamorous green gown by Jenny Packham which she first wore during an official tour of Pakistan in October 2019. The Royal Variety Performance takes place every year, either in London or in a theatre around the United Kingdom, and it's the fourth time Kate Middleton and Prince William have attended, following their 2014, 2017 and 2019 appearances.

Alec Baldwin appeared care-worn as he emerged from his Manhattan apartment building to take his children to school on Thursday, a day after being sued by Rust script supervisor over the death of Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin, 63, cut a somber figure as he climbed into the passenger seat of a Cadillac Escalade in Greenwich Village before heading to Brooklyn. Less than 24 hours prior, Mamie Mitchell and her attorney, Gloria Allred, announced the lawsuit against nearly two dozen defendants, among them Baldwin.

Shocking video captures brutal attack by group of black teenage girls against Asian students on Philadelphia SEPTA train

A group of teenage girls screamed profanities at a group of Asian students on a SEPTA train on Wednesday. It is unknown what caused the fight, but authorities have identified the teenage attackers. A girl in pink screamed and attacked several of the students and even backed one into a corner before pummeling her. She even took off her shoe to hit the girl in the head, while others joined in to kick her. Passengers on the train did not intervene until the group of girls ganged up on the Asian girl on the ground and kicked her several times.

Patricia Grooms, 32, who regularly shared family videos on TikTok, was allegedly shot multiple times by Billy Mclean Head III, 38, and her body was found inside a truck on November 12.

Fair-skinned people are judged to best suit blue clothing, while people with tanned complexions were thought to go best with 'warm' orange and red hues, say experts at the University of St Andrews.

Taylor Swift hit headlines far and wide last week, when she released the new rendition of her 2012 song All Too Well, which is widely rumored to be written about her brief romance with Jake Gyllenhaal. The internet was set alight with references to an unreturned red scarf and the discourse stemming from buzz around Swift's directorial debut for the song, which she made into a 10-minute short film. The track opens with the line: 'I walked through the door with you, the air was cold, but something about it felt like home somehow, and I, left my scarf there at your sister's house, and you've still got it in your drawer even now.'

Moderna Inc has asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for authorization of its Covid booster shot for all adults.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer people sought out care for pink eye as COVID inspired social distancing, and more handwashing University of Washington researchers found.

'What has he done to his face?' 'Unrecognizable' Will Smith, 53, baffles fans with his super smooth features on UK chat show 

Will Smith sparked conversation over his smooth complexion during his appearance on The One Show via video link on Wednesday (left) to promote his new film King Richard. And viewers were left baffled by his 'unrecognisable' appearance and smooth features, with many taking to Twitter to ask 'what has he done to his face?' The 53-year-old (pictured right in 2010) who rose to fame on TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in 1990, donned a three-piece suit, a purple shirt and patterned tie for the interview.

Tesla ranks 27 out of 28 in Consumer Reports' 2021 reliability survey. The nonprofit notes that Tesla has its 'fair share of problems' that stem from its features that are prone to glitches.

Guojie Zhang studied at the University of Copenhagen in the latest example of how China's pursuit of military-civilian technology is tapping into Western academia in the field of biotechnology.

Monalisa and Kip Harding, both 53, from San Jose, California, homeschooled all 10 of their children from the same syllabus. They knew they were on the right track after their first three kids graduated high school by 11. Their children who have already graduated from college have gone on to become doctors, architects, spacecraft designers and lawyers.

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JANE FRYER: From the moment it was first exhibited in 1882 at the Salon de Paris - once the greatest art event in the world - Edouard Manet's last major work, A Bar At The Folies-Bergere, has caused a stir. Not just because of the size of the landscape - at just over 3ft high and more than 4ft wide, it was larger than was fashionable at the time - but also because of all the many questions it raises. Why does the immaculately-dressed barmaid look so cripplingly bored? Who is that shadowy man in the mirror? How on earth did such a great artist get the perspective so wrong? And why has a French Impressionist included two bottles of British pale ale on this Parisian bar top?

The elephants had been trekking through the forests of Malampuzha in the Palakkad district in Kerala when the calf is believed to have entered private land and come into contact with a live wire.

Gerardo Checo Nunez, 33, entered the Jacob K. Javits Federal Office Building, telling workers there that he had an improvised explosive device inside a van parked nearby on Worth Street.

Five hundred migrants made a mass attempt to cross the border from Belarus last night led by dictator Lukashenko's spetsnaz soldiers (pictured), Poland's Ministry of Defence said.

The move comes following a public outcry over an increase in rapes against women and children in Pakistan and the ineffective investigation and prosecution of those sexual violence cases.


These overconfident people from around the world were adamant they were right in screenshots of hilarious online conversations rounded up by My Health Gazette. Among the amusing mistakes included (pictured clockwise from the top left) Canadian singer Drake is not from North America; Wrongly correcting another person's grammar; Aztecs were not Native Americans; 'you're' is the past tense of 'your', Patrick is English version of 'Padraig' and dolphins are not mammals.

Actress Jeanna de Waal, who plays Princess Diana, led the cast as they took to the stage at New York's Longacre Theatre last night. The widely criticised musical was originally due to premiere in March 2020.

Batsheva and Ben found fame on Netflix's My Unorthodox Life, which focused on the lives of an Orthodox Jewish family who left their strict community in pursuit of a different life in Manhattan.

If approved, 'Affirmation Tower' will not only become one of Manhattan's most eye-catching skyscrapers, but the second tallest in the city - and in the Western Hemisphere - behind the 1,776ft-tall One World Trade Center. The skyscraper would be the first in the Big Apple by a black architect, Ghanian-British Sir David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates. The firm stated that an intentional decision was made not to trump the height of One World Trade Center 'out of respect for what [it] represents'.

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Gunther VI the German Shepherd inherited his vast fortune, including the nine-bedroom home in Miami once owned by Madonna, from his grandfather Gunther IV (pictured main, and insets). The Tuscan-style villa with views of Biscayne Bay went on sale Wednesday for $31 million - a whopping markup from the purchase two decades ago from the pop star for $7.5 million. The home also boasts a gilded framed portrait of Gunther IV over the living room fireplace (left- right, the stunning home interiors).

Hilarious footage shows three-year-old Larry in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. His antics have cost the Kempen family more than £2,000 to replace three recliners.

Red Bank Catholic Caseys quarterback Alex Brown had a stellar game just hours after losing his mother. 'I still played in the game because I knew that's what she would want me to do,' he said

The process shown in the 40-million-year-old amber is called precocious germination and typically only found among fruits, making this pine cone the earliest evidence of the occurrence in a cone.

The LAPD trialed Voyager, an artificial intelligence program designed to pinpoint users likely to commit crimes using information shared to their social media accounts, per documents released today.

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A photo of a golden sink monkey getting into a spot of bother after sitting on the supporting wires of a bridge that runs over the Xun river in Yunnan, southwestern China, has won the Overall  Winner prize of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (left). Inset: A squirrel appearing to throw his pal up in the air entitled 'I got you', won Highly Commended Winner. Top right: A peeved pigeon looking less than dignified after getting a leaf in its face won the Affinity Photo People's Choice Award, shot by John Speirs. Vicki Jauron's series of photos which show a young elephant playing around in the mud before face-planting the ground won the Amazing Internet Portfolio Award, taking on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

The 10-year-old English Mastiff in Canada is seen sheltering under the hooded cart before accidentally pressing the gas pedal and sending the vehicle careening into Mallory Kmet's black truck.

The cheeky magpie in Dalian, China, explored the man's car before pecking at a cigarette carton. It then pulled out a cigarette and held it in its beak as though it was about to start smoking.

Fangtastic sight! Moment three venomous cobras tangle themselves around a tree after being released into the wild in India

Nilesh Wankhede, 32, captured the footage as the snakes climbed a tree in Melghat Tiger Reserve in western Maharashtra state. Nilesh, who works as a guide at the reserve, had rescued the snakes from three different places in Harisal village adjoining the reserve on Wednesday. Nilesh said: 'I have rescued hundreds of snakes in the last 20 years but never seen such a sight...it was astonishing to see the three together.' King cobras can reach 18 feet, making them the longest venomous snakes. Their poison is not the most potent snake venom, but the amount of neurotoxin they can deliver in a single bite is enough to kill 20 people, or even an elephant.

American photographer Steve McCurry has produced a legendary body of work over the past five decades that includes truly mesmerising photographs of children. And some of these striking pictures, taken in 46 countries, have been bound together in a new book - Stories and Dreams. The publisher says: 'Throughout his long career, McCurry has taken incredible photographs of children, each one managing to hint at an epic story. The new contemplative and sensitive title features some previously unpublished images which span the length of McCurry's storied career.' In the introduction to the book, Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala, explains why McCurry's photos are so special: 'McCurry's images brilliantly capture [the] hearts, souls, and the humanity of children.'

The footage features a world-first trick by motocross star Tom Pages, 36, in Avoriaz, France. The daredevil has five X Games gold medals and is a multiple X-Fighters champion.

The resilient bear was able to eat and drink through the hole of what the Florida FWC believes was an automatic pet feeder. The bear has since been released in a secure area.

Sea or sky? Clouds swirl like ocean waves in hypnotic time-lapse video filmed high in the Swiss Alps 

Swiss photographer Olivier Staiger captured the movement of the stratus clouds above the Valais valley in the Alps near the Swiss-Italian border, with Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn in the distance. Staiger used a time-lapse setting on his Canon camera which took an image every three seconds over the course of several hours to create the footage. He filmed the low-lying stratus clouds spreading across the valley below the Scex-Riond peak.